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Our cybersecurity solutions support you at every stage in your cyber journey.
The key to resilience isn’t just about reacting to incidents; it’s about proactively Assessing, Preparing, Managing, and constantly Improving your defences.

TAG Cyber Services

TAG Cyber Services

Prepare & mitigate against cyber incidents

Assess: CRC360 Cyber Resilience Check

Gain an independent & accelerated view of your cyber resilience. A structured assessment, providing informative insight, with a clear plan for action.

Prepare: Cyber Incident Response Planning (CIRP)

Development of your organisations Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP), helping you to prepare, manage and follow-up post incidents.

Manage: Coordinated Cyber Management Response

Incident Management tailored to your needs. Efficiently navigate and mitigate cybersecurity incidents under the expert guidance of Temple Avenue Group.

Improve: Cyber Programme Delivery

Drive the successful implementation of your cyber improvement programme. From mobilisation to benefits realisation.

Procure: Cyber Technology Assessment

Let us assess the market to optimise your investments, ensuring maximum impact on your cybersecurity measures.


cRC360 Accelerated Cyber Resilience Check

Assessing your cyber defences

Optimise your organisation’s cyber resilience with our board-friendly Cyber Resilience Assessment. In just two weeks, gain strategic insights tailored to your business goals. Our collaborative approach ensures executive alignment, providing actionable recommendations for immediate improvements and long-term success. Delivered in partnership with our cybersecurity technical partner.

CRC360 Cyber Resilience Example Informative Insights


Business Led Cyber Incident Response


Constantly evolving cyber threats endanger data security, operational continuity, and reputations. Cyberattacks can lead to severe financial losses, regulatory penalties, and erode trust. Being cyber prepared not only protects assets but also showcases a commitment to responsible business. If that’s not enough of a challenge preparation and mitigation for data breaches is increasingly a specific requirement by regulators world-wide. 

Ultimately, cyber preparedness is a business necessity and not just an IT issue.


Develop and implement a holistic Cyber Incident Response Framework. This entails a thorough understanding of the business landscape and potential threats, proactive planning through the development of a detailed response plan, readiness with robust security measures, clear escalation and collaboration protocols, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By integrating technical defences with business strategy, an organisation ensures swift and effective responses to incidents, protecting assets, maintaining operational continuity, and demonstrating a responsible commitment to cybersecurity in compliance with global regulations.

2023 average cost of a databreach


UK service Industry average cost impact


Mid-sized UK Businesses without a Cyber plan


Large UK Businesses without a Cyber plan


Incident Management Response Planning

Temple Avenue Groups overview video of the importance of Incident Response Planning and why your business should have a plan.


Coordinated Cyber Management Response

Temple Avenue Group offers a comprehensive cyber management response solution that employs a programmatic approach, crystal-clear processes, and robust executive escalation mechanisms. We work closely with your organisation to establish a tailored incident response programme that aligns with your specific needs and risks.

Central coordination

Applying programmatic rigour to the centrally co-ordinated approach.


Clear and timely communication to internal and external stakeholders.


Executive escalation

Protocols to support informed and rapid executive decision making.


Efficient & effective minimising confusion during high-pressure situations.

Improve & Procure

Execution-Driven Cyber Programmes & Procurement


Cyber risk management lags behind other digital transformations, leaving companies uncertain about identifying and managing digital risks, resulting in untapped potential. The effectiveness issue persists as increasing millions are spent annually on cybersecurity, yet the cybercrime industry grows unabated. In worst-case scenarios, boards allocate significant funds without realising expected returns, exacerbating frustration due to a disconnect between boards and their security teams.


Elevate cybersecurity through a holistic approach, strategically aligning resources and optimising spending in line with evolving risks, technology and your organisation cyber risk appetite. Leverage emerging tools for enhanced identification, prioritisation, and tracking of improvements, seizing the opportunity to amplify effectiveness with AI-powered technologies. Apply rigorous programmatic and procurement skills for comprehensive cybersecurity optimisation.

Expected global cybercrime costs 2025


Personal records breached in 2022


Businesses connected to 3rd party Breach


Breaches which involve a Human element


Cyber incidents

The Importance of Co-ordination

Coordination of communications is paramount in a cyber incident response, for several critical reasons. First and foremost, it ensures a unified and consistent message, both internally and externally. In the chaotic aftermath of a cyber incident, misinformation or conflicting information can cause confusion, hampering the organisation’s ability to contain and recover from the breach. By centralising communications through a designated incident response team, the organisation can maintain control over the narrative, reduce the risk of panic, and instill confidence among stakeholders.

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